Student Results by Area of Learning

The Student Results by Area of Learning report provides individual results for a selected student in the cohort who participated in Best Start Year 7.

This report presents a tornado chart, item map/table, summary data and a table of data with learning progression and syllabus information and identifies whether or not the student selected a correct response for Best Start Year 7 assessment items.

Schools can use this report to identify areas that individual students were strongest in or had greatest difficulty with and for which they may be in need of additional support.

What does the Student Results by Area of Learning report provide?

This report presents information on:

Summary data

  • The far right of the report shows
    • the date the assessment was undertaken
    • the student’s score
    • the maximum possible score for the assessment
    • the percentage correct of items attempted by this student
    • the time taken for the student to complete the test

Count by Area of Learning and Response

  • This tornado chart displays the count of the number of items the student scored correct (teal) and incorrect (yellow) for each area of learning. The areas of learning are the sub-elements of the numeracy learning progression and the sub-headings for the understanding texts sub-element of the literacy learning progression.
  • Clicking on a section of the tornado chart will highlight that selection and select corresponding information in the other tables.

Item Map

  • The table beside the chart lists assessment items by number.
  • The left column lists skills demonstrated by the student in answering items correctly. Blank item descriptions are items the student scored incorrectly or did not attempt.
  • The right column lists skills that were not demonstrated by a student as the item was answered incorrectly.
  • Clicking on a cell will select and highlight only that item, which will also be shown in the tornado chart and the table below.
  • Clicking within white spaces of the chart will return the data selection to its original state.

Table data

  • The bottom table presents the list of items in the assessment, the student’s response correct or incorrect, learning progression level, progression indicator description and syllabus outcome identifier.
  • Information in the table can be sorted by clicking on the headings.
  • Clicking on a cell will select and highlight only that item, which will also be shown in the tornado chart and the item map table above.
  • Use the slicers to filter and analyse the data (slicers will show this data for the selected student):
    • Executive Director Group (for EDs)
    • Network Name/Diocese (for Directors)
    • School Name (schools will only see their individual school)
    • Assessment Type
    • Syllabus stage
    • Gender
    • Aboriginality
    • LBOTE

How can I use the Students Results by Atra of Learning report to support my school self-assessment?

The Student Results by Area of Learning report will assist the school in identifying the areas of learning where a student is in need of additional support so that teaching and learning may be targeted to these areas. Use of this report will support reporting against School Excellence Framework elements 'Student performance measures' and 'Data skills and use'.

What should I look for?

The purpose of Best Start Year 7 is to identify students’ current strengths and areas of need. The Student Results by Area of Learning report allows schools to identify areas of greatest strength and need for students who participated in the Best Start Year 7 assessment.

Where does this data come from?

Best Start Year 7 assessment

How frequently is data updated?

Daily during the assessment window from Term 1 Week 2 to Week 6. As Year 7 students participate in the assessment, their results will be included in Scout reports. This may take up to two business days.

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