Cohort Results Summary - writing

The Cohort Results Summary - writing report shows the performance of students in the schools that participated in Best Start Year 7 for a given the Writing assessment.

The report provides the individual results of all students in the cohort as well as aggregated results for the cohort. Schools can use this report to assess the performance of their students to identify areas of strength and areas to target for improvement.

What does the Cohort Results Summary - writing report provide?

This report presents information on:

Summary data

  • The far right of the report shows
    • the average score of the students in the cohort
    • maximum possible score for the assessment
    • the average time taken for students in the cohort to complete the test (in minutes)

Score by Student Name

  • This horizontal bar chart lists students and their score for the selected assessment defaulting from lowest to highest score (the order can be reversed by clicking on the ellipsis that will appear when you hover above the heading).

Score by Criteria

  • The radar chart shows the average score of students in the cohort for each criterion.
  • Clicking on the dot on the arms of the radar chart selects the criterion in the table below the chart as well as well as the radar chart.
  • Hovering over the dot shows the average score for the criterion.

Table data

  • The table presents the score individual students achieved for each criterion as well as the total score. Students can be sorted ascending or descending by total score by clicking on the arrow in the header of that column.
  • Clicking on a student name or a criterion will highlight that information.
  • Use the slicers to filter and analyse the data:
    • Network Name/Diocese (for Directors)
    • School Name (schools will only see their individual school)
    • Assessment Type
    • Stage
    • Gender
    • Aboriginality
    • LBOTE

How can I use the Cohort Results Summary - writing report to support my school self-assessment?

The Cohort Results Summary - writing report will assist schools to students who may be in need of additional support. The summary data can be sliced by Stage (at the bottom left of the screen) to identify performance at Stages 2, 3 and 4 of the NSW English K-10 syllabus. Use of this report will support reporting against School Excellence Framework elements: Student performance measures and Data skills and use.

What should I look for?

The purpose of Best Start Year 7 is to identify students’ current strengths and areas of need. The Cohort Results Summary - writing report allows schools to get a high level overview of the performance of students who participated in Best Start Year 7 including areas of greatest strength and areas for improvement for the cohort and individual students.

Where does this data come from?

Best Start Year 7 assessment

How frequently is data updated?

Student data is included in Scout reports following completion of marking (mid-March).

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