Cohort Results Summary

Cohort Results Summary (non-writing)

The Cohort Results Summary (non-writing) report shows the performance of students in the schools that participated in Best Start Year 7 for a given year for Reading or Numeracy.

The report provides the individual results of all students in the cohort as well as aggregated results for the cohort. Schools can use this report to assess the performance of their students to identify areas of strength and areas to target for improvement.

What does the Cohort Results Summary report provide?

This report presents information on:

Summary data

  • The far right of the report shows:

o the average score of the students in the cohort

o maximum possible score for the assessment

o the average percentage correct of questions attempted by the cohort

o the average time taken for students in the cohort to complete the test (in minutes)

o the number of students in the cohort who undertook the test (to date)

Note: this summary data is responsive to any selections made in other parts of the report. Clicking on a part other charts to highlight that part will update the summary data shown on the right of the report.

Score by Student Name and Assessment Type

  • This horizontal bar chart lists students and their score for the selected assessment defaulting from lowest to highest score (the order can be reversed by clicking on the ellipsis that appears when you hover to the right above the heading).

Cohort % correct by Area of Learning

  • The column chart shows the percentage of students in the cohort correct for each area of learning for the assessment (the areas of learning are the National Numeracy Learning Progression sub-elements for numeracy and sub-headings for the Understanding Texts element of the National Literacy Learning Progression for reading).
  • Clicking on an individual column from this chart selects items related to that area of learning. Hovering over the column shows the % of items correct.

Table data

  • The default view for the table presents the count of the number of items individual students had correct for each area of learning.
  • By hovering above the column of student names, a drill down and drill up feature will appear. By selecting the down arrows data can be drilled down from area of learning to progression sub-element level and then drilled down again to items thus showing whether each student responded correctly to an item or group of items.
  • Selecting the tree branch arrows will sort all the item or sub-element level data to be displayed within the areas of learning.
  • The arrow pointing up can be used to drill up to previous views.
  • If an item is blank (an empty cell with faint grey colour) this means that the student has not attempted this question.

Use the slicers to filter and analyse the data:

  • Network Name/Diocese (for Directors)
  • School Name (schools will only see their individual school)
  • Assessment Type
  • Stage
  • Gender
  • Aboriginality

Click a specific area of any of the charts to highlight the information represented. This will also update other areas of the report or cross-highlight related information. Click the same area again to undo this selection.

How can I use the Cohort Results Summary report to support my school self-assessment?

The Cohort Results Summary report will assist schools to identify students as being in need of additional support in reading or numeracy. The summary data can be sliced by Stage (at the bottom left of the screen) to identify performance at Stages 2, 3 and 4 of the relevant syllabus. Use of this report will support reporting against School Excellence Framework elements: Student performance measures and Data skills and use.

What should I look for?

The purpose of Best Start Year 7 is to identify students? current needs and areas of strength. The Cohort Results Summary report allows schools to get a high level overview of the performance of students who participated in Best Start Year 7 including areas of greatest strength and weakness for the cohort and individual students.

Where does this data come from?

Best Start Year 7 assessment

How frequently is data updated?

Daily during the assessment window from Term 1 Week 2 to Week 6. As Year 7 students participate in the assessment, their results will be included in Scout reports. This may take up to two business days.

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