Cohort Results by Criteria – Writing

The Cohort Results by Criteria – Writing report shows the performance of students in the school who participated in the Best Start Year 7 Writing assessment for a given year. These results are displayed by criteria as well as area of learning.

The report provides aggregated results of all students in the cohort who had participated in Best Start Year 7. Schools can use this report to identify how the cohort performed on specific skills, within skill areas of the National Literacy Learning Progression, and within stages of the English syllabus. This will assist schools to identify target areas for learning and levels of additional support required across the cohort.

What does the Cohort Results by Criteria - Writing report provide?

This report presents information on:

Summary data

  • The far right of the report shows:
    • The average score and maximum possible score
    • The average time taken for students in cohort to complete the test (in minutes)
    • The number of students in the cohort who undertook the assessment

Average Score by Area of Learning

  • The left hand column chart displays the average cohort score in each area of learning for the writing assessment.
    • The areas of learning are four sub-elements from the National Literacy Learning Progression (Creating Texts, Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling).

Cohort Results by Criteria

  • The stacked column chart displays the percentage of students in the cohort performing at each syllabus stage (1 through 4).
  • Counts of the number of students performing at that stage can be viewed by hovering over any part of the column chart. All counts can be shown by selecting the ellipsis and ‘Show Data’ in order to display the table alongside this column chart.

Table data

  • The table presents information for each Criterion at each possible score level:
    • The corresponding Area of Learning (the left hand column)
    • Percentage of the cohort at each possible score
    • Skill description for each score
    • NSW English K-10 Syllabus outcome identifier
    • Data in the table can be sorted by clicking the arrow in any of the column headers
    • Selecting a Criteria score will fill the right-hand table with Progression Level and Progression Indicator Description. This is applicable for all scores except 0.
  • Use the slicers to filter and analyse the data:
    • School Name (schools will only see their individual school)
    • Assessment Year
    • Assessment Type (only Writing is available)
    • Stage
    • Gender
    • Aboriginality
    • LBOTE

How can I use the Cohort Results by Criteria - Writing report to support my school self-assessment?

The Cohort Results by Criteria - Writing report will assist schools to confirm the writing strengths and areas for improvement across Year 7 students on entry to school. Use of this report will support reporting against School Excellence Framework elements: Student performance measures and Data skills and use.

What should I look for?

The purpose of Best Start Year 7 is to identify students’ current strengths and areas of need. The Cohort Results by Criteria - Writing report allows schools to get a high level overview of the performance of students who participated in Best Start Year 7 Writing assessment including areas of greatest strength and areas for improvement for the cohort.

Where does this data come from?

Best Start Year 7 Writing assessment

How frequently is data updated?

Once in mid-March after student writing scripts have been marked have been marked.

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