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Data Sources: ERN, EBS, SENTRAL
Updated: Weekly (this data is not validated)

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School attendance summary report provides snapshot of school’s attendance position. Principals, school staff including Attendance Support Officers (HSLO/ASLO), School services and child protection services also access this report to identify the need of school and working with school community to develop strategies for improvement. Executive Directors and Director - Educational Leadership have access to all schools within their principal network.


How can I use this report?

You can use this report to identify trends in attendance at your school over time, and compared to principal network, SSSG and state average. This information can be used to develop strategies to improve the learning culture and student wellbeing at the school that are appropriate to your school’s context.

What should I look for?

Use the charts to gain an understanding on the attendance rates and trends at your school by scholastic year, semester, and principal network over time. Weekly attendance rates are shown by each scholastic year to identify pattern of attendance or drop in attendance rates through different periods of time.

Overview of the school attendance summary report
Image: Overview of the school attendance summary report

Note: the Cohort Summary report extends beyond the initial page view and its entire length can be viewed by scrolling in your browser window.

Using the report

Select results with slicers

The slicers allow selections to be made in order for the desired information to be displayed in the chart and tables.

Step 1 is necessary for the report to generate meaningful results. Select school, year, semester, term and census indicator

Note: Census indicator = “Y” will filter students and display only those who are enrolled at the selected school as their census school.

Note: for all of the slicers, a blank selection will be treated in the same way as selecting all of the options for that slicer. For example, not selecting a term will display results for all terms in the year.

School Snapshot

This snapshot provides an overview of key attendance data at a glance for the school compared to statistically similar schools, Network and the State DoE. Data completeness is an indication of the overall data availability of the selected school.

Example of the school snapshot
Image: Example of the school snapshot

School Attendance Level

This section of the report has been sub-divided into three separate visuals:

Attendance Level
The chart represents Number and % of Students by Attendance Rates, grouped into: At or above 90%, 85 % - Below 90% and Below 85%.
By hovering over on any segment of the doughnut a popup will be displayed with percentage and number of students in that group.

Absences by Cohort Absence Type
Stacked column chart displays the number of absences by each absence type and by each scholastic year.
By hovering over a particular region, a popup will be displayed including information of absence type, number of absent days and scholastic year.

% of students by Attendance Levels – Schools
This section displays a chart to show the % of Students by Attendance Levels (i.e, % of students by 5% grouping).
By hovering over on any section of the chart a popup will be displayed including the attendance level, number of students and percentage of students.

Example of school attendance level visuals
Image: Example of school attendance level visuals

Schools Attendance Rate

This section of the report has been sub-divided into two separate visuals.

Attendance Rate – Prior period. State average, Network and SSSG Comparison

Display a line chart to represent Attendance Rate by Week of Term (each week) for the selected Calendar Year and a comparison with the prior year (for ex: Current year and last year for the same week). By hovering over on any section of the graph will bring up a popup to display Week of term, Year, SSSG, Network and DoE state attendance rates for the week during the year and values of same week previous year for comparison.

Attendance Rate by Scholastic year and week of term
A scatter chart to display Attendance Rates by each Scholastic year for each week of term. User can toggle between chart and table view by tapping on button available. By hovering over on any section of the graph will bring up a popup to display Scholastic year, Week of term and attendance rate.

Example of schools attendance rate
Image: Example of schools attendance rate

Attendance Completeness by Calendar date

This section presents an area chart to show attendance data completeness by Date. Completeness percentage and data source used to populate data completeness chart below. Completeness percentage and source of data can be viewed by hovering over on any section of the graph.

Example of school data completeness
Image: Example of school data completeness

Other tips for charts

Hovering over the chart or table will reveal additional options icons.

Clicking on the chart or table title will make these icons switch to become always visible.

Export the results

The information from within this report can be exported easily. Hover over a chart or table and select the ‘More options’ ellipsis icon once it appears. Then select ‘Export data’.

This will bring a confirmation box to download the current names in the table as spreadsheet for editing and printing.

Exporting data
Image: Exporting data

Reset to default

If you wish to remove selections you have made and return to the initial view, select ‘Reset to default’ from the top right of the window:

Reset to default
Image: Reset to default

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