Resource library

Once you have completed your mandatory online learning you can refer to the Scout resource library to increase your skills and confidence to understand and use the information in the reports.

Quick Reference Guides (QRGs): start working with Scout reports

Reports explained: factsheets on the most commonly used reports, outlining specific ways you can use them

Technical how to guides: step by step instructions on how to take action when working with Scout reports

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): commonly asked questions with answers

Quick reference guides

Scout quick reference guide (PDF 749.18 KB)

SMART to Scout – School Leadership Teams (PDF 2082 KB)

SMART to Scout – Teachers (PDF 890.87 KB)

Steps to access Scout reports (PDF 1155.19 KB)

This video explains the reasons why we have transitioned from SMART to Scout and briefly explores the similarities and enhancements found in Scout reports.

DoE App Index – School Leadership Teams (PDF 189.11 KB)

DoE App Index – Teachers (PDF 529.67 KB)

These indexes provide information on the apps available in Scout, including a brief description of each app.

They also outline all the reports within each app and whether they are aggregate or granular, the targeted users and the data sources used to produce the reports.

Reports explained

Technical how to guides


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