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Directors, Educational Leadership

Resources designed for Directors, Educational Leadership to utilise Scout data for schools in their network.

Principals and school leaders

A suite of resources for principals and school leaders for capability building and making evidence-based decisions.

Classroom teachers

Links and resources for teachers to use Scout data and reports to better support their students.

Scout overview

Find out about the types of reports, who can use them, the benefits and more.

Registration and support

Find out about access for new Scout users and ongoing support.

Training and capability building

Find out about training for beginners and data capability building for school leaders.

Scout showcases

A series of live webinars to showcase the features of Scout data and information available for staff in their roles aimed at enhancing student outcomes.

Getting Started with Scout!

A quick reference on how to get started with using Scout. Teachers can use Scout to review and monitor their students’ assessment results, student growth and performance trends,

2022 HSC reports in Scout

Please note that the 2022 HSC results data will be available in Scout towards the end of January 2023. We appreciate your patience on this. An announcement will be made when the updated HSC reports are available to all Scout users.

In the meantime, if you have any queries, please contact

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