Schools: InBrief mid-year census 2014

This bulletin was originally published 11 August 2015.

Image: Schools: InBrief mid-year census 2014


CESE’s Schools: InBrief mid year census, 2014 bulletin summarises the results of the census of students in NSW government schools, and the census of NSW non-government schools undertaken by the Australian Government Department of Education.

The mid year census includes data on NSW Government schools (preschool, primary, secondary, central/community and special) and students (age at 1 July, grades, full-time, part-time, gender and Aboriginality).


NSW Government

Full-time equivalent (FTE) enrolments
Primary enrolments 456,151.0
Secondary enrolments 302,339.7
SSP enrolments 5,207.0
Total enrolments 763,697.7
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
Total Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander enrolments 51,612.6
Percent Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander enrolments 6.8%
Part-time students
Number of part-time students 2,383.0
FTE enrolments 1,453.7
Preschool students
Number of preschool students 4,415.0
FTE enrolments 2,428.3
NSW government schools
Primary schools 1,600
Separate infants schools 17
Central/community schools 67
Secondary schools 398
Schools for specific purposes (SSPs) 114
Environmental education centres (EECs) 23
Total government schools 2,219
Preschools attached to primary/infants schools 99
Separate preschools 1
Total preschools 100

NSW non-government

Full-time equivalent (FTE) enrolments
Primary enrolments 200,688.7
Secondary enrolments 203,934.4
Total enrolments 404,623.1
NSW non-government schools
Primary schools 491
Secondary schools 144
Primary/secondary schools 237
Special schools 46
Total non-government schools 918

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