Local Schools, Local Decisions: interim evaluation report

Image: Local Schools, Local Decisions: interim evaluation report
Authors Andrew Griffiths, Ian Watkins, Natalie Johnston-Anderson, Stephen Summerlin
Evaluator company Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE)
Year 2018
Classification Other evidence
Study type Pre-post study
Evaluation type Both process and outcome


The interim evaluation of Local Schools, Local Decisions (LSLD) aimed to establish:

  1. how schools spent RAM equity loadings
  2. the impact of LSLD on school management and local decision making
  3. the impact of LSLD and RAM funding on school and student outcomes.

Evaluation sources included analysis of equity funding data, school annual reports, principal survey. Student attendance and suspension data were also analysed. Principals, particularly those in high needs schools, reported that LSLD had a positive impact on their ability to make decisions, manage resources, access suitable staff and work locally. However they felt that LSLD did not help in reducing red tape. Only a small change was detected in student engagement measures and there was no evidence that higher-need schools benefited more from LSLD and RAM equity loadings than lower-need schools.

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