Great Teaching, Inspired Learning: School Leadership Initiative evaluation

Image: Great Teaching, Inspired Learning: School Leadership Initiative evaluation
Authors Rochelle Cox, Lucy Snowball, Duncan Rintoul, Monica Ahn
Evaluator company Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE)
Year 2018
Classification Other evidence
Study type Expert opinion
Evaluation type Both process and outcome


This is an evaluation of three School Leadership initiatives in Great Teaching, Inspired Learning (GTIL):

  1. NSW Public School Leadership and Management Credential
  2. the Leadership Development Initiative (LDI)
  3. the Principal, School Leadership Initiative (PSL).

A process evaluation examined how each initiative had been implemented, and the LDI also included an outcome evaluation. Evaluation methods included surveys and interviews with relevant stakeholders. Findings suggest that:

  1. the Credential is a well utilised and valued resource that has led to increased confidence in relevant policies
  2. the LDI is making a valuable contribution to the instructional leadership capabilities of both participants and mentors, especially those in the Highly Accomplished cohort
  3. principals perceived PSLs as a valuable source of support, especially in relation to the school plan, although more support with managing work-life balance could be provided.
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