Scout terms of use

You must be aware of your responsibilities when accessing and sharing information found within Scout report.

Ensure you have read and understood the Terms of Use as outlined below.

Terms of Use

This system provides information from a wide range of department and non-department sources. The reports and capabilities provided here are intended to assist you with making informed decisions about the activities you are responsible for.

Data Accuracy

A significant amount of effort has been made, and will continue to be made, to improve the accuracy of the information provided. Due to the large number of disparate information sources, the data will always contain a degree of inaccuracy. Our intent is to keep this as low as possible. If data inaccuracy is an issue, please let us know so that we can try and resolve the issue. Please be aware that we report on data that is drawn from the underlying source system, so any errors will need to be rectified within that system.

Data Privacy

In accessing the data in Power BI, you are bound by NSW privacy laws. Requirements governing the use and disclosure of personal information apply to all personal information held by the department. Please note that data in the system has been used with the permission of the Data Owners.

Scout users are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that confidential information, in any form, cannot be accessed by unauthorised people. Sensitive information should only be provided, either within or outside of the department, to those with authorised access.
  • Exercising caution and sound judgement in discussing personal information with others. Information should be limited to those who require the information to conduct their duties, or to those who can assist in carrying out work because of their expertise.
  • Please note that the department collects and stores a significant amount of confidential information. Unauthorised disclosure may cause harm, or give an individual agency an improper advantage. The department's integrity and credibility may be damaged if it does not keep information secure.
  • For assistance with the information concerning privacy please refer to the department's Legal Services intranet site.
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