Support Request History

This report is provided by EDConnect and is part of the suite of EDConnect operational reports available via Scout.

This report provides an overview of support requests to EDConnect made by the school by phone or the online web forms throughout the past six months.

Executive Directors and Directors, Educational Leadership can view all schools within their network.

How will this report benefit me?

  • This report will give the Principal an overview of the support requirements for their school over time.
  • The report can be used to identify areas of opportunity in which EDConnect can better support the school, such as providing coaching and advise in the school to support improvements in work practices.

What does the report provide?

This four page report provides the following information:

Total Support Requests

This tile shows the total number of support requests for the selected period.

Total Support Requests Completed

This tile shows the total number of support requests completed for the selected period.

Number of Support Requests by Method over Time

This line graph shows the volume of support requests made throughout the past six months by the method of contact. It displays in opposing colours the method of contact by either phone or web request.

Age of Support Requests by Raised Month Year

This violin chart shows the distribution of requests raised by month, by their age. The vertical height of the violin represents the age spread of requests with the width showing the volume.

Number of Support Requests by Service Family

This chart shows the volume of support requests by service family. The service families are HR, IT, SALM and Finance.

Number of Service Requests by Employee

This bar graph shows the volume of support requests made by staff members.

What should I look for?

  • trend lines indicating the number of support requests, looking for increases in support or large spikes in support requests.
  • volumes of requests by service family to identify areas of need in the school.
  • volumes of support by employee to identify staff that may require more support or professional development in the school.

Where does this data come from?

The Department’s incident management system Remedy.

How frequently is data updated?


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