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Data Source: School Lifecycle Pipeline

Updated: Monthly (as provided)


The School Lifecycle Pipeline was established to communicate to corporate business units and Directors, Educational Leadership the final outcome of a NSW public school undergoing a lifecycle change. The lifecycle changes are defined with a lens on the operational status of the school.

The School Lifecycle Pipeline is managed, operated and supported by Strategic School Improvement as the business owner.

Who is the report designed to support?

The report provides the School Lifecycle Support team, senior executive and corporate business units with a visual representation of the School Lifecycle Pipeline.


The report provides accurate and reliable information about approved projects to plan work and prepare resources. All approved changes in NSW public schools are included and the view can be refined by type of change, calendar year, school name or code, as well as by individual project title.

School Lifecycle Pipeline App School Lifecycle Pipeline App
Image: School Lifecycle Pipeline report

For detailed information on how to access and use the School Lifecycle Pipeline report, go to the School Lifecycle Pipeline webpage of the Strategic School Improvement website. This webpage will have information to support you in using the report.

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  • Education support operations
  • School operations

Business Unit:

  • Reform and External Relations
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