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Data Source: Student management

Enrolment statistics - weekly
Parent survey responses – up to monthly

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Ministers, COO, ITD Executive, student management and other specified users can view this dashboard.

What does it provide?

The online enrolment dashboard provides information about the progress of the online enrolment initiative, such as how many schools provide online enrolments, the number of applications received last week and in total, authentication methods and parent survey results.

Image: Online Enrolment Dashboard

Features of the dashboard

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Last Update Date

The date of the most recent refresh is displayed under the title at the top right of the page. All other ‘in the last week’ statistics throughout the dashboard refer to the week leading up to this date.

Image: Last Update

Key figures

Information about the rollout of the online enrolment initiative is displayed across the four boxes:

  • Number of hours in administration time saved for schools using online enrolment
  • Number of schools that have gone live for local area enrolments via online enrolment
  • Number of schools that have gone live for out-of-area enrolments via online enrolment
  • Number of schools that have processed at least one application via online enrolment
Image: Key Figures

Application statistics

Numbers of local area and out-of-area applications received via the online enrolment system are displayed, both in total since the launch of the initiative and in the past week.

Image: Application Statistics

Authentication details

The pie graph displays both the number and percentage of users using a one-time password (OTP) or Service NSW (SNSW) to verify access to online enrolments across the past week:

Image: Authentication Statistics

Parent Survey results

The number of surveys completed since the start of the initiative is displayed as a numerical figure. The average rating is displayed visually and numerically for each of the four categories. This format is duplicated for local area enrolments on the left and out-of-area enrolments on the right.

Image: Parent Survey results screenshot


  • School operations
  • Student management and wellbeing

Business Unit:

  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
  • Student Support and Specialist Programs
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