Accounts Receivable

This report is provided by EDConnect and is part of the suite of EDConnect operational reports available via Scout.

The Account Receivable report displays the sales orders requiring approval from the Principal.

This report lists all outstanding invoices that need to be paid by the customer.

Principals are able to view sales and billings from commercial invoicing. Executive Directors and Directors of Public Schools can view all schools within their Principal Network.

How will this report benefit me?

This report:

  • Allows users to track the sales orders that require action and approve them.
  • Monitors invoices yet to be paid by customers.
  • Analyses trends of late payment by customers.
  • Allows users to view the revenue sources.

What does the report provide?

This report provides:

  • The Sales Order Value ($) Invoiced by Month
  • Information on customers who pay late.
  • Annual Billings of invoices (Billed vs. Planned).
  • The source of revenue indicated on the Revenue Sources pie chart.
  • Outstanding Invoices by number and monetary value.

How can I use the report to support my school?

This report allows users to make better financial decisions when considering future contracts with customers by reviewing customers’ invoice payment patterns.

Users can:

  • Review overdue outstanding invoices and see the pattern of late payments; and gain insight into debt that may not be recovered and require write off.

This report acts as a revenue tracker for the school.

What should I look for?

Monitor the revenue and look for trends for customer payment history.

Monitor tasks and action any sales orders that require approval.

Where does this data come from?

SAP Finance

How frequently is data updated?


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