AsP Demographic Projection

The AsP Demographic Projection report provides student enrolment projections across government schools in NSW for the next 5, 10 and 15 years, grouped by cluster.

This report is available only to Asset Planners in the Planning and Demography unit.

How will this report benefit me?

Asset planners can view current enrolment numbers, and predicted trends such as increasing or decreasing enrolments.

All schools in a cluster can be compared on the same chart, therefore asset planners can determine which clusters or schools are growing faster than others, which may inform decisions about where to open new schools.

What does the AsP Demographic Projection report provide?

The following visualisations are available in this report:

Projected Enrolments by Year and School

  • This line chart displays current and projected enrolments by year for the selected school/s.
  • School enrolment projections from AMS are included for the next 15 years - 5, 10 and 15 year likely projections.
  • Only government school enrolments and projections are in this report. Projections do not exist for non-government schools.

School Enrolment Projections

  • This table presents the same data as the chart, but in tabular format.
  • It also includes the growth percentage change.

Use the following slicers to select a cluster and analyse the data:


Use this slicer to select a cluster to analyse. You can scroll to find the cluster you need, or use the search bar at the top of the slicer.


  • To improve report loading times, this slicer will default to the first cluster in the list.
  • You can only select one cluster at a time in this report.
  • This slicer controls the chart and table. The cluster and schools displayed will change based on the cluster selected.
  • This slicer controls the School Name slicer. The schools available in the School Name slicer will be government schools in the cluster.

School Name

  • The School Name slicer controls both the chart and the table.  Once a cluster is selected, all schools in the cluster and sector will appear in the School Name slicer.

Projection Year

There are only two projection years. The current year, and the previous year. All metrics will default to the year selected.

What should I look for?

  • Schools with significant projected increases or decreases in enrolments.
  • Schools where enrolments are decreasing, but neighbouring schools have increasing enrolments. This may indicate a school that needs additional support from the unit.

Where does this data come from?

  • Both the current enrolment and enrolment projections come from AMS.
  • Note that current enrolments in AMS may not coincide precisely with enrolments from ERN.  The current enrolments from ERN are uploaded to AMS early in Term 1 each year, and then generally only once per term.  This is used to determine which schools need additional demountable teaching spaces. Thus the current enrolments shown in this report may be weeks or months out of date.

How frequently is data updated?

  • Current enrolments are loaded daily from AMS and updated several times a year in the source system (as described above).
  • Projected enrolments are loaded daily from AMS and updated annually in the source system.
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