HSC minimum standard reports in Scout - Update!

New HSC minimum standard reports are now available in Scout.

New HSC minimum standard reports are now available within the HSC App in Scout. These reports are designed to further support schools in monitoring the progress of their students in meeting the HSC minimum standard. The reports allow schools and Directors, Educational Leadership to view student test results across the test domains, focus areas and individual items.

The HSC minimum standard reports in Scout are updated fortnightly and complement the results available in NESA Schools Online.


NESA has provided HSC minimum standard results for students from non-government schools and who have recently transitioned to Department of Education schools. This information is now live in Scout and can be accessed within the HSC minimum standard reports from the HSC app.

Please note that the Test Flags are now also updated to reflect this change within the Number of Students by Test and Outcome report:

‘New to DoE – No Test Result – check NESA’ is now replaced with ‘Achieved – at Non-DoE school’ for relevant students.

Students will continue to receive their results in Students Online. If you need help understanding and interpreting these reports, we encourage you to attend the Scout Showcase.

Information and resources for the HSC minimum standard are also available on:



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