2020 Premier's Teacher Scholarships Recipients

Premier's Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarship
Tiffany Barecca, Kingsgrove North High School: The Heart of Education: Compassion based approaches for cultivating emotional health in schools

Premier's Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarship
Wayne Humphreys, Baulkham Hills High School: Supporting the Mental Health & Wellbeing of High Potential Learners

Premier's Copyright Agency Creativity across the Curriculum Scholarship
Jane Wilson, Liverpool Boys High School: Future thinking - creative, connected and engaged learners

Premier's Curriculum Transition Scholarship
Tarley Jones, Henry Kendall High School: Future Directions in Curriculum Transition

Premier's Early Childhood Education Scholarship
Kate Maslowski, Ruse Public School: Playful Learning: Creating Critical, Collaborative and Creative Global Citizens

Premier's English Teachers Association English Scholarship
Jennifer Dove, Lightning Ridge Central School: Creating a writing practice for high school English students in remote and rural communities

Premier's First State Super Financial Literacy and Capability Scholarship
Rachel Noonan, Warners Bay High School: Providing a real-world context for the teaching of financial literacy in secondary schools

Premier's Hicksons Lawyers Health Education and Wellbeing Scholarship

Premier's History Teachers Association History Scholarship
Emily Shanahan, Northern Beaches Christian School: Iran: Making the Inaccessible Accessible

Premier's History Teachers Association History Scholarship
Brett Bennett, Bishop Druitt College: Truth, Justice and the Historian's Way

Premier's Kingold Chinese Language Teacher Scholarship
Ye Liang, West Ryde Public School: Effective Translanguaging strategies in Primary Language Classroom.

Premier's Language Teacher Scholarship
Katherine Brownlee, Gosford High School: Comprehensible and compelling: the missing pieces of the puzzle?

Premier's Mathematical Association of NSW Mathematics Scholarship
Laura Barry, Middle Harbour Public School: Fluency without fear - improving teacher and student confidence to think mathematically

Premier's NESA Quality Teaching Scholarship
Sarah Martin, Lomandra School: How do we improve reading in young Australians?

Premier's Reserve Bank of Australia Economics Scholarship
Alexander Symonds, Masada College: Flipping the script

Premier's Teachers Mutual Bank Aboriginal Education Scholarship
Sabina Armstrong, Walcha Central School: Evaluating the effectiveness of teaching and learning

Premier's Teachers Mutual Bank New and Emerging Technologies Scholarship
Lee Hancock, St Paul's College, Kempsey: SMART agriculture and sustainable food production in the digital age

Premier's University of Sydney Mathematics Scholarship
Jonathan Kim Sing, Galston High School: Exploring the Effectiveness of Video Based Learning in Mathematics

Premier's Vocational Education Scholarship
Stewart Blomfield, Boorowa Central School: Addressing the issues around rural isolation in Vocational Education and Training delivery

Premier's Vocational Education Scholarship
Jennifer Henriques, Liverpool Girls High School: The prosperity of Portuguese vocational education under the European Union's Reform Strategy
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