2018 Premier's Teacher Scholarships Reports

Scholarships awarded 2017 - scholars travelled 2018

Scholarship Recipient Topic
Premier’s Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarship Deborah Costa Mediating the role of childhood traumatic stress in the development of youth depression by studying the implementation of whole-school reparative and resilience projects (DOCX 1761.84KB)

Premier’s Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarship

Sandra Scott

It's NOT all in the Mind (DOCX 275.9KB)

Premier’s Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarship

Emma Sue San Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) in Schools (DOCX 565.83KB)
Premier's Australian Association of Special Education NSW Chapter Research to Practice Special Education Scholarship Monika Bray Secondary Transition of Students with Disabilities (DOCX 68.72KB)
Premier's Commonwealth Bank STEM Scholarship Sophie Poisel Re-imagining Learning (DOCX 453.43KB)
Premier's Copyright Agency Creativity across the Curriculum Scholarship Alana Lewis Trans-disciplinary Practice (DOCX 1365.35KB)
Premier's Early Childhood Education Scholarship Roseanne Pugh The Intersection Between Early Childhood Education for Sustainability and Reconciliation (DOCX 984.09KB)
Premier's English Teachers Association English Scholarship Paula Madigan The continuing value of English in a STEM world (DOCX 55.26KB)
Premier's First State Super Financial Literacy Scholarship Cassandra Portelli Global Money Week (DOCX 268.78KB)
Premier's Hicksons Lawyers Health Education and Wellbeing Scholarship Darren Lang A self-determined approach to daily physical activity and healthy active living (DOCX 67.41KB)
Premier's History Teachers Association History Scholarship Nicole Mansfield Studying Power and Authority in the Modern World through sources (DOCX 106.62KB)
Premier's History Teachers Association History Scholarship Dianne McGown Vietnam and Cambodia: A historical inquiry (DOCX 1698.62KB)
Premier's History Teachers Association History Scholarship (2016 recipient) Jonathon Dallimore History and memory in the former USSR (DOCX 312.67KB)
Premier's IOOF Centre for Educational and Medical Research Itinerant Support Teacher (Vision) Scholarship Patricia d'Apice Braille literacy research Australia and New Zealand (DOCX 675.26KB)
Premier's Kingold Chinese Language Teacher Scholarship Ming Urwin Project Based Learning (DOCX 1370.52KB)
Premier's Leadership Scholarship Geoffrey Childs Harnessing digital technologies for the classroom (DOCX 1300.53KB)
Premier's Reserve Bank of Australia Economics Scholarship Wendy Mockler-Giles Future-proofing Economics: Issues, remedies and redemption (DOCX 392.85KB)
Premier's TAFE NSW Scholarship Nicola Connon Building resilience in the classroom (DOCX 189.9KB)
Premier's TAFE NSW Scholarship Annette Krause Innovation to completion (DOCX 79.98KB)
Premier's Teachers Mutual Bank Indigenous Education Scholarship Renee McBride Improving the engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in TAFE NSW (DOCX 272.05KB)
Premier's Teachers Mutual Bank New and Emerging Technologies Scholarship Brenden Davidson An exploration of Augmented and Virtual Reality in education (DOCX 68.14KB)
Premier's University of New South Wales Creative Arts Scholarship Cath Barcan Entrepreneurship in museums and galleries (DOCX 250.72KB)
Premier's Vocational Education Scholarship Louise Pamment International Vocational Education and Training (DOCX 2605.73KB)
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