Guide to the study tour

Applicants are informed of the success of their application in July of the year prior to the study tour.

Study tour plan

The application process requires only a high level overview of the proposed study tour proposal without finalised bookings with individuals or organisations.

After accepting the scholarship, and by mid-August, recipients submit a more detailed study tour plan and budget. To create this detailed itinerary, scholars are encouraged to seek support from the selection panel subject matter expert and review past recipient reports. The Human Resources team will be available to support scholars in this process.

Detailed study tour plans include the following:

  • Activity - what the scholar will be doing / who they will meet
  • Location - city, country
  • Benefit - why are you doing this, how it will contribute to your research topic?
  • Duration of stay for that activity/at that location
  • Approximate expenditure for that activity/at that location

A study tour template will be provided by the Human Resources team to successful applicants.

Note: The detailed study tour itinerary requires contact with individuals or organisations to book visits and/or tickets etc.

Travel dates and duration

Study tours can be undertaken within Australia or overseas and must be no more than five weeks duration. Recipients travel between January and June of the year of their scholarship. For example, the 2021 Premier?s Teacher Scholarships are awarded during 2020 with the study tour taking place during 2021. Travel outside this time-frame will be considered by exception, on a case by case basis.

Scholarship funds

Scholarship funds are paid in a single payment to the recipient. Any funds not used during the study tour must be returned. Guidelines for appropriate expenditure will be provided to the recipient.

Refer to the Scholarship Terms and Conditions for further information.

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