Guide to Accommodation

Having suitable accommodation for the rural experience placement teacher is critical to success of the Rural Experience Program.


During the placement application process, principals must identify a range of possible accommodation options for the duration of the placement. While principals will not be able to guarantee accommodation it is important they convey a practical understanding of the potential options to applicants.

As teachers may want to move with their families, it is important to identify numbers that can be accommodated,  for example: 1 bedroom furnished flat, 3 bedroom house, a room in a shared house or self-contained accommodation for 1 or 2.

Suitable accommodation may include:

  • Share accommodation with a teacher or community member
  • Teacher Housing, once potential availability has been confirmed
  • Local caravan park with self-contained accommodation
  • Granny flat style accommodation
  • Private rental, via local estate agent or Airbnb, once potential availability has been confirmed.


Teachers participating in the Rural Experience Program are ultimately responsible for arranging their own accommodation.

Prior to applying, it is suggested that teachers review the accommodation options provided by the principal of the rural experience school to determine if they may be suitable and also identify potential accommodation options themselves.

Incentives and subsidies

Teachers participating rural experience placements will be eligible for a fixed $500 per week living allowance. This is paid as part of the teacher’s salary as an allowance. The allowance of $500 per week is only payable during teaching weeks and excludes school holidays unless the placement is for two or more consecutive terms within a school year and will cover the school holiday period within the placement period.

Teachers will not be eligible for any further incentives or benefits attached to the school during the duration of the placement. Teachers will not be eligible for the Department of Education teaching housing rental subsidy.

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