Collarenebri Central School

General program enquiries (including application status updates) should be directed to the Rural Experience Program team: or phone 02 7814 3820

Eligibility criteria for this placement:

  • Permanent employees who hold a substantive position as a teacher and meet the eligibility requirements in the Rural Experience Guidelines may apply for this placement.
  • Non-permanent employees (those on a temporary engagement / contract and casual employees) who meet the eligibility requirements in the Rural Experience Guidelines may apply for this placement.

Primary Teacher (K-6)

Collarenebri Central School, Collarenebri NSW

Placement level: Teacher

Contact for enquiries: Michael Davison (Principal),, 02 6756 2204

Additional resources: explore what it's like to live and work in the Lightning Ridge and Walgett area.

Placement details

Terms 1 - 4, 2023 (Applicants can request a shorter duration in their application).

Role description: The placement will be tailored dependent on the skillset of the applicant. It could be having their own class, implementing intervention programs, RFF or opportunities to explore and lead whole school programs relating to our school priority areas.

Additional commitments: Participation in extra-curricular activities based on interest is welcomed

Desired candidate expertise:

Approval to teach K-6

  • Highly developed interpersonal skills with the capacity to work collaboratively in a team and build positive relationships with all members of the school community.
  • Demonstrated success in developing and delivering high quality, differentiated teaching and learning programs with an emphasis on student engagement.
  • Knowledge of and the ability to implement the department's Aboriginal education policy to enhance quality outcomes for all Aboriginal students.
  • Commitment to student wellbeing

Accommodation details

Collarenebri has a range of Teacher Housing options located within the township of Collarenebri which may be available. There are 2-bedroom furnished units, 4-bedroom houses and also the opportunity to share with other teachers already established in the town. Limited private rentals are available within the town, however, some teachers have found private accommodation on the many farms that surround the town, preferring the very quiet life this style of living can afford to them.

Please note: Teacher Housing availability can depend upon a variety of factors, including vacancy status and potential priority offers to other staff with full time rural appointments. Teacher Housing Authority (THA) may not be able to confirm allocation of properties until all applications have been received and processed. Applicants are encouraged to discuss property availability directly with THA. Participants of the Rural Experience Program are not eligible for the Housing Rental Subsidy but may rent a property (at market value) through the THA if available.

School details

Collarenebri Central School is set in a small, rural community in the North West region of NSW. There is a school enrolment of 101 with 84% of students identifying as Aboriginal and a FOIE of 203. Students attending Collarenebri Central School are drawn from the immediate township and surrounding properties with some students travelling considerable distances to school by bus and private car.

Collarenebri Central School is committed to the provision of comprehensive education for all students, Kindergarten to Year 12. Strong focus is placed on literacy and numeracy across the school and the effective use of technology. Northern Border Senior Access (NBSA) program provides Year 11 and Year 12 students with educational opportunities using telecommunication links with three other schools.

The development of quality teaching and learning practices are paramount leading to greater engagement as are the enhancement of social skills to benefit leadership, self-esteem, confidence and motivation. Each student is valued as an individual and is encouraged to contribute to the positive school culture. Collarenebri Central School has an active AECG engaged with the school.

How to apply for this placement

  1. Refer to the Guide to Applying as you prepare your application
  2. Complete the online application form and answer the placement questions:
    1. What motivated you to apply for the program in general and specifically this placement? (max 600 words)
    2. What skills and experiences can you bring to the Rural Experience School? Why would you be a good fit for this placement (max 600 words)
  3. Attach the required documentation to your application:
    1. Endorsement of Application form (saved as a PDF)
    2. Resume / CV (maximum 2 pages as a PDF)
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