Guide to applying

Important information about your application/s

Applications for 2022 placements have now closed.

Applications for placements are submitted via email and must be endorsed by your substantive principal. You can apply for up to five placements, however, each application should be unique.

Application statement?

What motivated you to apply for the program? What skill and experiences can you bring to the Rural Experience school? Why would you be a good fit for the placement? (maximum 1200 words) Your responses should:

  • detail your skills and experiences as they relate to the placement details;
  • include any additional skills or any additional experience such as managing extra-curricular activities, acting as a teacher mentor, implementing school-wide programs; and
  • outline your motivation for applying for the placement.

Did you know?

  • Each placement has a nominated contact person for that school - you can call them directly with any questions.
  • A placement may be advertised for up to four terms, but the principal may be willing to accept a teacher for a shorter duration than advertised. This should be requested in your application.
  • These opportunities are short-term - there are ongoing positions available in Rural and Remote locations listed in JobFeed each week.

Selecting placement/s

  • If you are unfamiliar with the location of placements there are extensive location resources available on Teach NSW
  • Review information provided by the principal. Think about the teaching load and any additional commitments that are a part of the placement (for example, extra-curricular activities or working across different schools). If you have questions, call the contact person.
  • Consider the duration the placement, the principal may be willing to negotiate a shorter duration if you indicate your preference in your application.
  • Consider the accommodation options relating to the placement. Are these suitable options for you and anyone potentially relocating temporarily with you? Research your options. Consider how you will manage your current home while you are away. Teachers participating in the Rural Experience Program are responsible for arranging their own accommodation. Keep in mind that teachers participating in the program are not eligible for rental subsidies which might otherwise apply in rural locations.
  • What are the positives and negatives for your partner, family members, pets, community activities and teaching commitments?

Talking to your current principal

All directors and principals have been asked to support the Rural Experience Program. You must have the endorsement of your current principal before you apply for a Rural Experience placement. When discussing the possibility with your principal, you might want to have the following as handy references:

  • Rural Experience Guidelines; and
  • a copy of the placement advertisement/s.

It’s important for your principal to know they can back-fill your position using your salary to pay a casual or temporary teacher. As a program participant, your salary and program allowance will be funded through the program for the duration of the placement. Your principal needs to be available to discuss your application with the principal advertising the placement.

Further information

Contact the Rural Experience team at or on 02 7814 3820

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