Short-Term E-Exchange Program

The E-Exchange Program is currently paused.

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The E-Exchange Program provides an opportunity for permanent teachers and school leaders to take part in a short-term one-on-one virtual exchange paired with an overseas educator with similar education interests or in a similar education context.

The program is partnered with educators from Alberta, Canada.

The E-Exchange program offers a unique opportunity for professional development, offering collaboration to compare and contrast various aspects of education between education systems, as well as to share learnings with colleagues and wider networks

Matches are made based on common action research projects with projects conducted online over a 6-week time frame.


  • Permanent full time or part time NSW public school teachers, executive or principals
  • Proficient teacher accreditation or higher
  • Minimum three years teaching experience
  • Proven communication skills, resourcefulness, initiative and community involvement are all desirable attributes
  • Proficiency with web-based learning management systems (such as Google Classroom) is desirable.

Matching Process

Applicants will identify a professional learning priority or key area they are seeking to focus on in their career and/or in their school or educational setting. The focus area will align to Department, school and/or personal goals. Applicants will then be matched with international educators within that focus area in order to make virtual connections.


  1. One to one virtual exchange, where two educators are paired and are required to meet regularly (frequency determined by participants) over the program’s 6-week duration
  2. Participants are required to work together to determine a similar project focus, based on their learning priorities
  3. Participants work independently and collaboratively to research, analyse and document learning aligned to focus priority
  4. Program coordinators will facilitate three online program meetings ie: orientation, mid-point and debrief during the program time line (1/2 day teacher relief provided for each meeting).
  5. Participants will be required to develop and implement a plan to share their learnings.
  6. Participants will submit a 500 word research report after the E-Exchange period concludes. View submitted reports.
  7. Participants will maintain their full teaching load.

Focus Areas

Focus areas might include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Inclusion; students/children with disability; or student/child mental health
  • Delivery and assessment of NSW Curriculum/Early Years Learning Framework; literacy and numeracy; STEM; second language learning; or technology and innovation in the classroom
  • Leadership development; women in leadership; or instructional leadership
  • Rural and remote schools
  • Aboriginal education and supporting Aboriginal students/children

Program participation may contribute toward NESA Elective PD activities.

Program Timeline

  • Applications will be accepted in the term prior to program commencement
  • E-Exchange pairings are matched and proposed to applicants on a rolling basis
  • E-Exchange Program commences:
    • Orientation meeting and program commencement
    • Mid-point meeting
    • Debrief meeting and program conclusion
  • Submit Program Report & Implementation Plan

How to Apply

The E-Exchange program is currently paused. Subscribe to our Alert Me list to be notified when applications open.

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