International Teacher Exchange

Short-term E-Exchange Program

The E-Exchange Program provides an opportunity for permanent teachers and school leaders to take part in a short-term one-on-one virtual exchange paired with an overseas educator with similar education interests or in a similar education context.

The E-Exchange program offers a unique opportunity for professional development, offering collaboration to compare and contrast various aspects of education between education systems, as well as to share learnings with colleagues and wider networks. Visit E-Exchange Program for further information.

Applications for the E-Exchange Program are currently closed.

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Year-long Teacher Exchange Program

This long-running program offers public school teachers in NSW an opportunity to exchange teaching assignments and accommodation with similarly-placed teachers overseas for a period of one year.

The program commenced in 1920 to promote international goodwill and an understanding of different cultures. This focus continues, along with professional and personal development for participating teachers, and the educational enrichment within host schools and systems for the ultimate benefit of students in preparation for global citizenship. Visit Teacher Exchange Program for further information.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the year-long International Teacher Exchange program is currently on hold.

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More information

Contact the exchange team on or phone 02 7814 3820.

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