International Teacher Exchange

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Teacher Exchange program is currently on hold.

Future updates will be provided regarding the resumption of exchanges.

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This long-running program offers public school teachers in NSW an opportunity to exchange teaching assignments and accommodation with similarly-placed teachers overseas for a period of one year.

The program commenced in 1920 to promote international goodwill and an understanding of different cultures. This focus continues, along with professional and personal development for participating teachers, and the educational enrichment within host schools and systems for the ultimate benefit of students in preparation for global citizenship.

Educators undertaking exchange placements are full-time permanent teachers with at least five years’ successful teaching experience and endorsements from their principals and directors. Exchange counterparts are matched on both a professional and personal level. Successful placements occur where both educators are able to teach the others’ teaching assignment and where both are willing to exchange personal accommodation.

While on exchange, teachers continue to be paid their own salary by their home employing authorities, and continue to pay their own personal commitments such as mortgages and rates. International travel and living costs are met by the participants.

Upon return from their exchange placement, teachers are required to submit a research report on a topic of educational currency as determined by the department. Teachers are also required to continue teaching with the department for one year following their exchange.

Exchange locations may vary from year to year; however, recent exchange placements have occurred with teachers from Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and international schools in Germany and Portugal.

Previous application information

Applications for the International Teacher Exchange program are currently on hold. However, you can view what was required for past applications below.

For more information, consult the Frequently Asked Questions or contact Tracy Davies on 02 7814 3820 or

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