Corporate roles (senior executive)

To meet our goal of being the nation's best education system, we need strong, capable, high performing and innovative senior leaders.

At all times, we?re focused on providing services to the community through the delivery of innovative and quality education and training. Senior executives in the department drive the development of an organisational culture which is focused on continual improvement of service delivery, and they play a vital role in helping every student in New South Wales reach their full potential.

Dedicated support

At Education we take supporting our senior leaders seriously. Before the recruitment process even begins, there is a dedicated team that will work directly with senior executives throughout their career, from recruitment, through induction, performance management and more. This team is always available to provide support and answer your questions, regardless of how long or short your tenure has been.

Clarity and mobility

The NSW public sector has a consistent, lean, and flat structure for senior executive roles across its various departments and agencies. This provides for greater mobility between senior executive roles in the Public Service, and for clarity around classification of work, roles and remuneration.

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