The story behind the draft plan

Everybody learns, grows and belongs in public education

Our draft plan for NSW public education outlines how we will create an outstanding and equitable education system and uplift trust and pride in the teaching profession. It has been informed by evidence and insights from our teachers, school staff, education partners, parents, and students across NSW.

How was this draft plan developed?

In late 2022 we hosted a series of focus groups that involved teachers, school leaders, parents and carers, and students. In Term 2 this year we held a series of round tables with School Performance executives, Directors, Educational Leadership and Principals, School Leadership. Schools told us what needs to be improved for students to learn, grow and belong.

Also in Term 2, the Secretary asked staff for ideas on how we can better support schools and received almost 20,000 responses. Key themes from those ideas are now part of the draft plan.

Throughout June and July, the Secretary and members of the Executive leadership Team met with our partners including the NSW Teachers Federation, Primary Principals Association, Secondary Principals Council, the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group, School Administrative and Support Staff Professional Association, Special Education Principals and Leaders Association, the Public Service Association and the Parents & Carers Federation to get their views on the draft plan.

When will the final plan be published?

We will publish the plan for NSW public education in Term 4 of this year.

How will the draft plan for NSW public education address inequity so that all students have access to quality education experiences?

Our commitment to equity and excellence means every student, no matter where they live or what their circumstances may be, will have opportunities to learn, grow and belong. We have high expectations for every student and will support them to achieve their potential. The draft plan lists 6 key ways we plan to deliver equitable outcomes, opportunities and experiences to all early learners and school students.


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