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The department supports appropriate commercial arrangements, sponsorship and raising external revenue, with suitable external organisations, individuals, businesses or non-profit organisations, non-government organisations and/or charities in line with our policy and procedures. Revenue can be used to supplement funds allocated to school activities and to support teaching and learning.

The policy is reviewed periodically to make it clearer and more useful. We welcome the feedback of principals, teachers, school and department staff in this process. If you would like to give feedback or suggest a change please let us know.


These tools and resources allow schools to quickly and easily seek external sources of revenue in a way that complies with all relevant policies.


The department offers a diverse range of events, programs and initiatives across STEM, Aboriginal education, sports, arts, the environment, curriculum and wellbeing suitable for sponsorship opportunities.

These opportunities are publicised periodically with a request for expressions of interest (EOI).

Case studies

See case studies demonstrating successful ways schools can collaborate with local organisations and individuals to draw on the best ideas and support from outside the department.

Engagement and opportunities

We strive to excel and invite the best ideas from everyone in and outside the department.

Find out more about the ways you can collaborate with us or sponsor department events, programs or initiatives.

Department staff can join our Business Engagement, Sponsorship and Industry Collaboration yammer group to get updates and share collaboration success stories.

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