Premier's Spelling Bee

The NSW Premier's Spelling Bee is a fun way to encourage literacy amongst public primary school children

Across two weeks during September,  more than 3,500 students in Years 3 - 6 will be competing to make the final 100 who will represent their schools at the State Final on Friday, 2 November.

These talented spellers will confront tricky words such as 'disseminate', 'exuberant', 'semantics', 'viscount', 'desiccated', 'exaggerate', 'sagacious', 'laureate', 'ameliorate' and 'epitome' in a knock-out format competition.

Announcers for the 2018 State Final (held at the ABC Centre in Ultimo) will be children's author and broadcaster Wendy Harmer and newsreader Chris Bath.

Premier's Spelling Bee 2018 poster
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