NSW Public Schools State Dance Festival 2017

The curtains have closed for the 2017 State Dance Festival, after 1,500 students from K-12 danced at Sydney’s Seymour Centre.

The week-long Festival showcased the range of styles explored through the study of dance in public schools, and would not have been possible without the extraordinary commitment of our teachers.

Congratulations to Teachers Mutual Bank Teacher Recognition Awards winners Katelyn Boshell from Bondi Beach Public School and Kathryn Fisher from Wagga Wagga Public School. Both teachers have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to dance education.

Katelyn said it was a real thrill for her students to perform on a professional stage, with the use of professional lighting.

“They were able to see different genres and choreography and perform in a number of diverse workshops. Some experienced Sydney for the first time.”

Visit the NSW Public Schools State Dance Festival page for more information.

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