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Information on sponsorship and other commercial activities in schools.

Policies and procedures

The department supports sponsorship arrangements with appropriate organisations, individuals, businesses and other government agencies. Sponsorships can be used to supplement school activities and to support teaching and learning.

Sponsorships can be in the form of either cash or ‘value in kind’ support, for example a sponsor may provide printing for a school newsletter, a venue for school events, or equipment or transport for school sporting teams.

All school sponsorships need to comply with our Commercial Arrangements, Sponsorship and Donations Policy and Implementation Procedures

Policy feedback

The Commercial Arrangements, Sponsorship and Donations Policy and implementation procedures are reviewed periodically to make them clearer, more effective and fit for purpose. We welcome the feedback of principals, teachers and school staff in this process. If you would like to give feedback please let us know in an email.

Consultation and advice

The Business Engagement team advises schools on implementing our policy. We can help you ensure that relationships and arrangements with external organisations are compliant and optimized for the department's benefit.

We welcome questions and requests for advice from principals, teachers and school staff. Get in touch with us for an explanation of the policy, advice on a particular arrangement, information about suitable sponsors and benefits or to share great initiatives that are underway at your school.

You can also join our Business Engagement, Sponsorship and Industry Collaboration yammer group to get updates and share your own collaboration success stories.

Tools and resources

These tools and resources are designed to allow schools to quickly and easily seek external sources of revenue in a way that complies with the Commercial Arrangements, Sponsorship and Donation Policy.

All sponsorship and commercial arrangements that include an exchange of products, cash or in-kind value require a formal agreement or contract. For most commercial arrangements, a formal agreement can be based on an exchange of letters.

There are agreement templates available for your use.

For agreements valued at more than $50,000 value, please contact Business Engagement and Development for approval and consult Procurement for advice.

For agreements involving a network of schools, please contact your Director, Educational Leadership for approval.

School banking programs

School banking programs are no longer supported in NSW public schools.

On 24 October 2021, the Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning announced New South Wales public schools will no longer be able to offer school banking programs from 2022. The learning across the curriculum page has more detail.

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