Welcome to the

NSW Department of Education

Public schools

Going to a public school – find a school, enrol and browse the school calendar

Assisted School Travel Program – transport services for eligible school children

Selective high school and opportunity classes – application, selection process and placement test dates

Teaching and learning

Aboriginal education and communities – education in schools, programs and connected communities

Assessment and reporting – K-12 assessment and toolkit for NAPLAN

Curriculum – information on the subjects taught in schools

Disability, learning and support – personalised support for student learning

Evaluation resource hub – empowering schools to strengthen their practice

Futures Learning – new ways to teach

MyPL – professional learning for teachers

Preschool – government preschools and regulations

Professional learning – professional development, teacher accreditation and school staff support

Road Safety Education – teacher and parent information to manage safety around schools

Rural and distance education – supporting schools and students in rural, remote and isolated areas

School excellence and accountability – supporting schools in continuous improvement

School Excellence Framework evidence guide – guiding schools through their annual self-assessment

Senior pathways and VET programs – students transitioning to work and vocational training

SMART teaching strategies – for teachers using NAPLAN results in literacy and numeracy

Supporting learning and teaching – information to manage services such as the school library

Wellbeing and learning

Attendance, behaviour and engagement – rules and policies for students at school

Child protection – keeping children and students safe

Counselling and psychology services – information and resources related to school counselling services

Health and physical care – immunisation rules, health and sun safety information

Whole school approach to wellbeing – program and initiatives for schools

Policies and procedures

Policy library – operational policies for schools and department staff

Content for staff only

Inside the department (staff only)

Legacy intranet (staff only)

Other NSW Department of Education websites

www.dec.nsw.gov.au – our current homepage (includes access to staff portal)

DE International – information for international students

Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation – improving the effectiveness, efficiency and accountability of education

External Affairs and Regulation – strengthening educational and community outcomes

Global Experience Framework – transforming the way we deliver information online

Aboriginal Affairs – working with Aboriginal communities to promote social, economic and cultural wellbeing

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